The Canadian Sikh Community hosted an ‘Evening of Honour and Dignity’, honoring PM Imran Khan and General Bajwa with the Gold Medal for Kartarpur Sahib Corridor

Toronto (Canada):- On December 21st 2018, the Sikh Community of Canada held an event to show appreciation to the Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Amry Chief Gen. Javed Bajwa. The event was hosted for several hundred Sikhs and Muslims along with the Consulate General of Pakistan Imran Ahmad Siddiqui and members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf. The Consulate General of Pakistan Imran Ahmad Siddiqui noted in his speech how Sikhs around the globe appreciate PM Imran Khan’s gesture and Siddiqui
indicated that this “Is just the beginning. The Sikhs have their cluture and heritage in Pakistan like in no other country in the World”.

The main member of the organizing committee, Sukhminder Singh Hansra, gave an arousing speech about the state of mind of Sikhs in general and particularly when they heard the Kartarpur Sahib corridor being opened for Sikh sangat living in Punjab. Mr. Hansra noted that “The spiritual connection, which was severed by politricks seven decades ago, is now being restored by PM Imran Khan. The Akal Purakh does not shower his blessing on insincere, corrupt, and deceitful individuals. Rather the Akal Purakh implements and rotects individuals who are connected with humanity, that is why after 71 years of Ardas, Guru Nanak Sahib has sowed these thoughts to open langha in the minds of PM Khan and Gen. Bajwa. As Sikhs did not forget Nawab Malerkotla, the history will not forget PM Imran Khan and Army chief Gen Bajwa” stated Mr. Hansra.

The event emcee Sukhdev Singh Gill of Ajj Dee Awaz radio explaining the happiness in the Sikh Nation across the globe said “You can’t imagine how we
feel that this corridor will bring the people of two communities together”. We must say THANK YOU PM IMRAN KHAN and GEN. JAVED BAJWA said Gill.

Indian media have reported the event in rheir own way. Rather credible media did a great job in reporting. However we feel some misguided media-houses and journalists under the direct guidence of India intelligence attempted to gave a very negative
spin to the story as “Republic TV journalist Aditya Raj Kaul (@Adityarajkaul) mixed activism with terrorism, it’s clear sign of paid Journalism added Sukhminder Singh Hansra.


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