Ujjal Dosanjh, it`s time you took a hike!!

Sukhminder Singh Hansra
President SADA Canada East

Recently a blog was penned by a failed politician Ujjal Dosanjh on the blog site Straight.com, it leads us to believe that it is about time someone tells Mr. Dosanjh how it really is.
Mr. Dosanjh it’s about time you put your Indian intelligence rhetoric to rest and took a hike.

In 2000, it came to surface that Mr. Dosanjh was the main manipulator amongst as a politician, sold or signed up NDP membership to overnight new NDP members to win the leadership of NDP party of British Columbia. This resulted in him becoming the appointed premier of British Columbia; Dosanjh used the NDP as his own personal recycling bin.

The party self combusted and experienced a historic defeat when it faced the first general election under his leadership. This was a mere 16 months after he took office.
CBC wrote in a news story “The leadership campaign divided the party, with internal sniping, phony memberships, Liberals supporting the NDP and even a report of dead members on the membership lists.

Being true to his opportunist politician roots, Dosanjh jumped ship and defected to Liberal party of Canada to enjoy a political joy ride.
Now, Mr. Dosanjh tells Canadians that peace loving Canadian Sikhs, their political aspirations for the Sikh Nation’s Right to Self Determination is a threat to Canada.

I want to remind Mr.Dosanjh, maybe his memory has faded away due to much influence by Indian Intelligence that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom Act was introduced and implemented in Canada by a very reputable politician, Hon. Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1982.

Sikhs in Canada voluntarily gave up Indian citizenship and swore the Canadian Constitution, gained their citizenship, truly practice Canadian laws. Mr. Dosanjh you utilized Canadian resources all your life yet provide more worry about India and its well being.

I must remind the Canadian Intelligence and the Canadian Government to look into Mr Ujjal Dosanjh relationship with Indian Intelligence.

“I put my track record as a law abiding Canadian Citizen against that of Mr. Dosanjh’s, anyday”
Said Mr. Hansra

Mr. Dosanjh its time you took a hike.


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