Jagmeet Singh Signs Up Nearly 50,000 Members and Readies the NDP for 2019

In just 13 weeks, Jagmeet Singh signed up over 47,000 members to the NDP helping triple party membership, laying the groundwork for the 2019 election.

Jagmeet’s campaign signed up:

  • Over 10,000 new members in British Columbia
  • Over 3,000 new members in Alberta
  • Over 500 new members in Saskatchewan
  • Over 2,000 new members in Manitoba
  • Over 30,000 new members in Ontario
  • Nearly 1,500 new members in Quebec

Most of this growth came from areas that the Liberals won in 2015, demonstrating the appetite for change across the country and Jagmeet’s ability to mobilize Canadians behind a re-invigorated NDP.

In the GTHA alone – an area home to 59 ridings, 50 of which are held by Trudeau’s Liberals – Jagmeet Singh signed up over 25,000 members. In the Greater Vancouver Regional District alone – an area home to 15 ridings, 9 of which are held by Liberals – Jagmeet signed up over 8,000 members.

Jagmeet Singh signed up over 2,000 new members in Surrey-Newton and over 1,000 members in Surrey-Centre, both of which are former NDP seats that the Liberals won in 2015.

The total NDP membership in Quebec now sits at 4,900 and close to 1,500 of those members are new members signed up by Jagmeet in this race.

These outstanding numbers are thanks to the tireless work of a dedicated team of 3,259 volunteers, over 1147 growth captains, and 73 organizers led by our two field directors. Together, they built an inclusive infrastructure that trained and empowered people across Canada.

In only three months, Jagmeet Singh has built a powerful organizing team across Canada and is getting the NDP ready to take on Justin Trudeau in 2019.


Jared Walker, Communications, Jagmeet Singh for NDP Leader

647-717-3094  media@jagmeetsingh.ca


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