The Sikh Community gathered at the Canadian Parliament Hill to mark the Sikh Heritage Month

Ottawa (April 18th 2018) The Sikh Community of Ontario gathered at the Canadian parliament today to celebrate the Sikh Heritage Month by hoisting a Sikh flag.
The Sikh Community has come long way to be recognized by various levels of Governments in Canada. Proclamation of the Sikh Heritage Month by the Government of Ontario followed by states including British Columbia and Alberta are few of those milestones the Sikh Community have achieved.
From laying railway lines to production in lumber, the Sikhs have worked hard to bring Canada is its current shape and form. During these difficult times Sikhs suffered bitter racism including the shameful denial of entry to 376 passengers arrived via Komagata Maru ship on May 23 1914.
With an official apology by the Government of Canada in House of Commons for Komagata Maru offered a great sense of relief though it took over 100 years to realize that it is a black chapter of our Canadian history.
It has been a daily routine for Sikhs are face restriction of five Ks, helmet at work and riding motorcycles etc.
We as Canadians must take our Heritage very serious. Canada has offered allot to the Sikh Community and there is lot more to be done.
This is a great opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the deep rich heritage of the Sikh Community. Now in 21st century the Sikh Heritage finds its roots in Canada since the 19th century. It is the admiration of the Creator, harmony; sharing, honest earning and help of fellow mankind are the basic principals of the Sikh Heritage.


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