The Sikh Community of Canada held vigil for first time for the Victims of Air Flight 182

Healing process can not start until after the full disclosure of the Perpetrators …Hansra

TORONTO, ON, June 22nd 2018 – The Toronto’s Sikh community held a candle light vigil at the memorial of Air Indian Flight 182. The group sat down and collectively recited Japuji Sahib and offered wreath and followers. Soon after the Ardas, the group lit candles to commemorate the victims.
All this was done at the Air India Flight 182 memorial monument at Humber Bay Park East. Candles lit and prayers said for the 329 people killed, including 280 Canadians and 86 children, in the 1985 mid-air bombing which remains the worst mass murder in Canadian history.
“Sikhs across the country have prayed for the victims and their families inside our Gurudwaras every year since the attack,” said Sukhminder Singh Hansra, President of Shiromani Akali Dal Canada East (SADA CANADA). “We have a strong desire for reconciliation and want to stand in solidarity with the victims, the families, friends and the broader community to share in their grief and pain.”
During brief comments Hansra said that we demand from the Government of Canada for a new commission of inquiry with a mandate to fully investigate the tragedy. The healing process can not start until after the full disclosure of the Perpetrators added Hansra
“The wounds will never fully heal until we determine who funded and executed this horrific terrorist attack,” said Hansra “The RCMP still has an ongoing and active investigation into the Air India bombing, which indicates there’s more to the story. We feel a new commission of inquiry with a broader mandate will shed new light. If that leads to the arrest of a Sikh, then so be it – but let’s not leave any stone unturned. Let’s have an honest and open dialogue that explores all of the possibilities.”
“I like to say one thing to the members of the Air India Flight 182 Victims Association that we too mourn the loss of lives. This is our sincere effort and we understand you pain” said Hansra. “We will reach out to the members of the Victims Association and sit with them to campaign together for justice”.
Answering many questions, Sukhminder Singh Hansra was very clear that until we don`t have an enquiry with broader mandate with “absolute power”, ths system will fail to pin point the perpetrators. Answering question about Talwinder Singh Parmar, Hansra said that the episode of Air India Bombing was a huge operation. It can not be done by one person. We need to know where this idea originated, who funded, executed, who handled material.”WHO DID WHAT”. Let`s not try to close the file under one person`s bane. We need to expose the entire operation added Hansra.


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